Saturday, 9 January 2016

A Date with Kumar - Laughter and Joys

It's been a long time that I ever had quality time for myself to relax and chill. Last night, I decided to visit Kumar's talk show for a good laugh. There were a lot of sensitive topics he brought up but made a joke about it which was absolutely hilarious which I don't mind paying to watch him. It was one of the better laugh since a long long time. I think I am someone who only knows how to work and seldom relax. Thinking back of my past history, my lack of material things when I was young, the debt I went through and the trust I had in friends which later became betrayal, all these made me want to work harder rather than playing and enjoying which I find it a waste of time. But last night, I found new insights and meaning to life which I learnt to take things easier.

Watching how Kumar interacted with the crowd was just simply an eye opener. The crowd cheered at him and obviously he's a performer and entertainer which I respect his work for. Learning the way how he carries himself to do what he does best was simply aspiring. I will not follow or mimic him but have my own way of doing it myself. It was a good night overall and I really enjoyed it.

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