Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Lunch with Myself - Calm Before Taking Action

Had a good and sumptuous lunch today with myself. Actually, I prefer to have lunch alone than with colleagues or friends because I can have quiet moments with myself and stay calm before deciding my next course of actions in the stock market. I remembered during my younger and working days, I normally have lunches with myself too and occasionally, my colleagues would ask me out for lunch which I would sometimes follow and sometimes reject. Why do I reject? Because I know the people surrounding me will have an effect on me.

For example, if you go out lunch with friends or colleagues and you start gossiping or talking, you will realized that the topic is normally same revolving around, bosses, job performance, daily lives etc. There is nothing wrong, but those people are not I want to be or mix with because they are always doing what normal people do and nothing changes. Although I don't know any big shots and it's not my intention to know any, by staying alone, I can sort out my thoughts and prepare for my next trade which to me I find it more meaningful.

Look at Singpost and it's sellers. I would have spot it myself if I were to lunch alone than go gossiping and talk cock with friends. You can call me a loner or boring, it doesn't matter. I am enjoying and semi retired already while most people are still working. To sum up, I know one thing is for sure, the people surround you will have an impact in your life and to be successful, either you surround yourself with people who are more successful than you or never let anyone stop what your thoughts wants you to do. Be focused!

Ronald K - A Game Changer