Monday, 25 January 2016

An Inspirational Night Shopping with Ronald K

It was a adventurous yet inspirational night last evening. After I finished my 2 day Stock Operation Course, I was indeed very tired. I went home, take a nap, had my dinner and decided to go out for a walk. I decided to go look at how businesses were formed and how customers were attracted to products and services. It will be good for my learning curve and I shall see how the harsh the real world reality can be compared to how treacherous the stock market is.

As I shopped, I went to many commercialized boutiques and discovered one thing in common, they all have a theme in their shop. Moreover they have history and heritage which if I were to linked it to the stock market, most stocks also have history and different stocks have different operators to manipulated the price. The footprints of these operators are always virtually similar over the years which means if I want to beat the game, I would have to study the footprints and their intentions rather than doing what most amateurs do like analyzing the trend or study the moving average, etc..

As I walked, I met a friend of mine driving a Lamborghini Aventador on the road and he wanted to meet me up for lunch this week to discuss a stock operation plan so as to make more $. The night was young and as I kept walking, the sky turned dark and I decided to go check out some art pieces, terrace house and landed property. From seeing how houses were built in the past to how it is constructed and renovated today gave me new insights and inspiration for my sharing sessions and future stock courses. After all that walking and observation, it was late and I decided to go home and get ready for today's sharing session and LIVE market watching. More pictures up later. Click like and share if you like my new lifestyle blog. Thank you. :)

Ronald K - A Game Changer