Wednesday, 13 January 2016

City Dev - SOMM, Buy on Hidden Buying and Sell on Hidden Selling

It was a good day and my streak continues. I guide my elite team to long City Dev yesterday and today the gap up where we looked to unload on the hidden selling. It wasn't that scary to go long yesterday when everyone is selling once you know the secrets and dynamics of the stock market. The most important thing is to long at hidden buying when no one take notice and sell on hidden selling when everyone is mad buying in the case of City Dev today.

In my workshop and private sessions, I always share that it's easy to turn small $$ to good $$ and I am dead serious on this. We got the job done again and I execute based on what I preached. To many, they are mostly narrow minded and skeptical. I am like a parachute, opening up to all ideas and listening to others and so I succeed with new ideas and strategies.

I am very delighted that winning streak continues since I opened a new Facebook page on Dec last year. It's almost 1 month and with this volatile market, I am still able to pick stocks at will. Success comes with knowledge, skills and perseverance. If you want to find success in your trades and if you want to make $$ badly, you can email me at

Ronald K - A Game Changer