Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Facial at SK II SPA - A Relaxing Day

It was a super good day with students making profits and hence after making my daily accurate outlook prediction in my private forum, I decided to take a small break to go facial and relax @ SKII Boutique SPA. I am really tired from all the daily work routine and I believe it's best to pamper myself for a short while. The staff was pretty nice and the service is top notch. With my skin taken care by them, I have no more worries.

The interior for SKII was really soothing and the music they played was just easy for the ear. I took a short nap there and really relaxed to the max without no interference whatsoever. I will be going there again, so if you happen to bump into me, just say hi and who knows we can trade and make $$ @ SKII?

Ronald K - A Game Changer