Saturday, 30 January 2016

Noble Group - Course Fee with $7000 Unrealized Profits

My January course just ended last weekend but to see that my student was able to use what I taught over the weekend and execute a trade in Noble was just simply pleasing. Entered 200 lots on Jan 28th last Thursday and is still currently holding the trade until we spotted hidden selling from the Noble Operators. Noble as of last Friday closed at 0.315 and he is currently in a $7000 Contra unrealized profits. The best part of this trade was that he did not suffer much downside, instead Noble sprung up like a dead man from the coffin and on Friday yesterday, he was already in the green. What I teach and did in the past for trading, most of my students can achieve it too because it's dead simple without any indicators and tools.

Compared to traditional trading, most traders would suffer ups and downs before either cut losses or book profits. However if one were to hop on a stock before the Big Boys at the right time at the bottom, once the Big Boys started buying, you job is to sell to them to profit from their buy activities since they have the financial muscle to push stocks. If you are interested in short term trading and make some good returns without suffering much reactions with the right time. You can register for my workshop next Tues. Don't miss it! Wait till you see my personal trade record! You will be amazed and stunned. :)

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