Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Singapore Stock Market - Made $3 Million, Lose $5 Million

It was a lesson learnt in the Singapore Stock Market. It was during one of my workshop that I met up with this gentlemen and it was only just now that he told me his Dad story. So making $3 million and losing $5 million is a bad and sulky feeling but well, the traditional way of trading the market is over. We are no longer in the old warren buffet era or the buy and hold long term strategy, pray and hoping for a better future. The market has evolved tremendously just like how computers do. With smartphones, computers and so many devices connecting the world, the sheer amount of volume in trading has increased exponentially that old and outdated tricks were caught and regulated which deemed useless nowadays.

However one thing don't change even the stock market changes, the human emotion is the ONLY thing that stays stagnant. Fear, Greed and Hope will always be there and if those doesn't change, then my Holy Grail strategy won't change either. To see an uncle win and lost back again, I am more determined to share my secrets and help his son. His father must have a big heart to take wins and losses which gained my utmost respect. I am also particularly delighted that he choose me to coach him. I mean there are a lot of other courses out there and he can chose others, but why me? I don't know either. Could be my trades in the past, could be my skills, knowledge and experience or could it be my confidence? There is only 1 thing in my mind now and that is to help him up to speed and get his trading skills up.

Over the years, I had been doing Contra trading and I know it can make you a fortune if you know how to. I had known many people who did it before and today was yet another classic example. To see an uncle who did it before and use Contra trading in the past to make millions was just amazing. The only thing that changed for Contra trading was in the past people used TV to see teletext for prices and now everything is computerized and charting became so readily available but where it was so scarce in the past that one had to draw charts using hand on a day by day basis. But the question is, with so much tools and information on the internet, why do people still loses $$? I had asked myself those questions in the past and I found a solution. The answer is if you want to make a lot of $$, you would have to go back to the primitive days of trading with lesser information and lesser data. I am writing in the context of Singapore Stock Market.

I know we have macro computers and algorithm these days, but what if I tell you I can be faster than those, would you believe me? Actually, it doesn't matter whether one believe it or not because I have done it so many times already and it's becoming a habit and a second nature to me. At the end of the day, as long as I continue to strive, help more people and make $$, that's all it matters.

Sembcorp continued it's downslide for the first half of the day. Oh well, yet another volatile session for the general market and Sembcorp Ind was whipping up and down for almost the entire day. This hungry student indeed is a true warrior with a no say die attitude. He shorted Sembcorp Ind and it's currently down a bit. I don't care how small or big he trades but more importantly, he executed. I am happy to have him as a student and I will help him on his trading journey. See you soon. :)

Ronald K - A Game Changer