Thursday, 14 January 2016

SPA Relaxtion Mode - Fort Canning

It was a really relaxing day today. Well first I went to the spa again to have a good message and followed by having a good bowl of pho at Tanjong Pagar. While the market is red blood as of now, some of my stocks is performing and bucking the trend and hence I have no worries. While massaging should be a relaxing form of relaxation, I was think more on my work more than really massaging. I asked myself to stop thinking but the work kept constantly flowing in my mind subconsciously.

In the evening, I am off to view some properties and then I will conduct a seminar later in the night. I expect about 100 people to turn up and tonight I am going to rock the house down as I will be sharing all my secrets of how I make predictions in the stock market with 100% hit rate so far. If you see me on the streets, say hi and who knows we can trade together and make $ on the spot?

Ronald K - A Game Changer