Sunday, 24 January 2016

Stock Operation Course Day 2 with Ronald K

It was another early morning for me today. Took a MRT to work and saw that now SMRT uses Whatsapp too if you need to report a fault. That's really something I had not seen before in any another government sector which I give a thumbs up. Reached the office and started launching charts and started sharing where I left off yesterday. Today, the crowd was even more attentive and paying attention, I share many wonderful discoveries and strategies but more importantly, everybody was happy with my service and the knowledge that was imparted. Some say I am a genius as I could come up with a simple yet powerful method while others wanted to ask more on my past experience. In fact, what I did in trading, everybody can achieve it. It's just a matter of time of practice and patience. I can't wait for tomorrow when I watch the market LIVE with my clients. I hope to make some $$ with them.

Ronald K - A Game Changer