Saturday, 20 February 2016

How To Make Big $ in Property by Ronald K - A Special Invitation

Most of you know I am a equity person and you guys know that I am specialized in stocks as I am well versed in all aspects on chart reading and stock speculation. But do you know that I have my own way of reading property charts which allowed me to buy my first property in 2009 where property was at the bottom? See my trade records for property when I first purchased at 2009.

During this weekend, while most are still enjoying out with friends or maybe having dinner with family, I am researching as much as possible to read reports and charts for signs and tell tale signals for a turn in the luxury physical property market. I am recently viewing luxury condos for a reason. See all my posts on condos viewing.

The Edge Property Magazine just published details on the recent transnational prices for Ritz Carlton and Goodwood Grand and Twenty One Anguilla Park. Ain't it coincidental that while I do my condo shopping looking for bargaining prices these past 2 weeks, reports were just published on this week Edge Property Magazine that some luxury units were already transacted and the rich had the same mindset and mentality of looking to buy properties at sale prices? Did they see the same chart as me but acted faster than me? What did they use to determine they buy entry? What do they know but we don't know?

What if I tell you that I am able to use the Capitaland's chart and use it as a gauge to time the entry for property stocks and physical properties as illustrated on my track record when I purchased my first property at 2009? Am I doing the same thing again so as to reap the max rewards? The luxury properties are like blue chips, when the property market is about to bounce back, normally these luxury condos will first experienced some transnational activities going on. Then comes the suburb condos which is near the inner city but not walking distance type and I call these suburb condos mid cap and then finally we have the HBDs which is the last wave which I called it pennies. So if you want to make $$ and if you can afford, always go for the luxury first and then in sequence to suburb and HDB.

In this market condition, I am only looking for good steady blue chips. I am still in the midst of negotiating a good deal and property is one area that can make a lot of $$ which is why Peter Lim, after making his 1 billion dollars in the stock market, diversify some of this $$ into Iskandar and some other properties. If you want to know more how all these works, I will be holding a workshop next week on stocks, but I think it's also equally important to share about properties because when I see some charts, I think it may turn soon so don't miss the wave. In the workshop next week, please bring a pen and paper as I will be revealing my grueling hours of research work. Kindly register below and share my post if you like it.

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