Saturday, 13 February 2016

HSI18800MBeCW160330 - Thanks For Clicking Likes

Thanks for clicking likes on my Facebook account and to show my appreciation as promised, coming Monday, I expect the HSI18800MBeCW160330 warrant to trend higher. I will take in serious people with a positive attitude who wants to make $ with me. I am beginning to fall in love with warrants and for those who are interested to join me LIVE in person, I don't do that usual mass public marketing where everyone is a sucker for money and most salesman expect the more the merrier. I prefer the less the better as it narrows down to the people who are serious and hungry and takes whatever it takes to reach their goals so that I can keep my quality at premium. Because of my skill and ability to forecast day to day trends, I will only take in people whom I chose to allow to join me. For those who wants to trade with me LIVE in person. Register below for next Saturday if you are interested. For those who are already my students, please don't register as I have already organized an event for you guys.

Eventbrite - Register for Trading Stocks with Ronald K

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