Monday, 1 February 2016

Noble Group - It Was A Good Contra Trade with 550 Lots Traded

It was another good day today with 550 lots sold for Noble Group. I knew today Noble won't be continuing it's uptrend and hence earlier in the morning, I emailed my student and ask him to lock in $$ as I warned him that the market may have selling today. Indeed for the entire day, the market sold down from positive to negative. Noble from 0.33 high to closing at 0.305!
The unfortunate thing is he sold it late as did not check his email in the morning. Well, what matters is, he still managed to heed my advice and booked profits. Initially I thought he only bought 200 lots when I later learnt that in fact, he longed another 350 lots to make it 550 lots. Obviously he trusted me and I am happy he made some serious good return after my Jan 23-24 course, using the simple skills I taught him on how stock operators work.

I still remembered when he signed for my course in October last year, without questions asked, he just paid and took the course materials to study. After that he came for my private sessions and then in Jan, he started the official course. All the hard work paid off for this one good trade within 3 Contra days. Of course, this is just one of the trade and there will be more coming soon. Here, I would just like to thank all who signed my Stock Operation Course. It's simple but please work hard.

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