Sunday, 7 February 2016

Pre Happy New Year Lunch - A Crab Feast

It was a beautiful Friday 2 days back as I was conducting my Stock Operation Workshop in the noon and after that me and my assistant then went for a crab feast. To celebrate the year of Monkey, both of us decided to try the famous $25 per plate fried rice from Chen Fu Ji. It has been almost a year of working relationship and it's been pleasant and smooth sailing. We spent many hours in the restaurant discussing about this year's projects and upcoming plans ahead. It's going to be a very important for me and my team as this should be the year we will prosper big time if I chose my trades correctly. I am confident or I should say I am ultra confident of making a lot of $$ for the next two years.

As we finished our lunch, we continue to discuss and talk about more trades and businesses and as we talked, our stomach called for food again. I decided to try the crab at Chen Fu Ji instead of Jumbo downstairs since Jumbo became commercialized. I must say, the crab was 1.8kg big with succulent meat and it was so much tender and juicer than Jumbo's. The overall bill mount up to $300 for 2 person but it's well worth it since it's my private meal with my assistant who helped me a lot.

After the meal, it was almost 630pm in the evening and we took a stroll at Fort Canning Park and yes again we talked more about businesses and deals. I can only foresee many deals and projects coming this year and if anyone wants to prosper with me, this is the time of the year to do so. While many forecasts that this year will be a bad year for the economy, my personal take is the year of fire monkey will be a good year for a lot of trading opportunities just like how we just reaped $9100 from Secura. Watch out this blog space. :)

Ronald K - A Game Changer