Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ritz Carlton - A Trip To Ultimate Luxury

Once again I got contacted by agents after agents, asking me to view properties and so I just follow my plan to view more luxury condos. The Ritz Carlton was absolutely amazing and posh but there wasn't any enclosed meeting/seminar room for me to conduct my secret operation. I love the exterior and interior as it was top notch quality finishing but I am particularly paranoid by no meeting room. In my previous post, I visited The Marc. There, there was meeting room and everything was just so right but the quantum is huge and space is wasted for a small person like me.

I have got to make a decision soon as I am planning for a place to stay. In fact, I can stay anywhere from HDB, a mini room, a condo, a landed or anything, as long as there is internet and charts. I don't usually need to stay luxury but since I can afford it and I only live once, it's always sometimes good to pamper yourself. I strongly believe a good home is a place for recharging energy and it will give you that storing power for your next day's work. It's like eating healthy and natural food fuels your strength and vitality compared to processed food which weakens and injects unforeseen toxins to your body. I will post once I made up my mind.

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