Thursday, 4 February 2016

Hamilton Scotts - Deal and No Deal

It was my second time visiting the same project and I have a mix feelings this time round. The interior and exterior was superb but nevertheless I can't hold seminars/workshops in the condo because there were no meeting/function rooms. What I planned for this year is selectively choose my private clients whom I want to to come to my house and we will trade, discuss and conducting conferences etc..It seemed with this project, it's almost there but it's not there.

Nothing is perfect and of course I have to accept some and give some. I am still in my thought process at this moment, not that I cannot afford this project but more importantly, I am a timing person. In the near term, I am still not bullish on physical property and hence I will not invest until the right timing. With that said, of course, if the price and everything is right, who knows I may just get it. I will see some property charts to decide my course of action.

Ronald K - A Game Changer