Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sembcorp Ind - Swinging With Good Trades

My student is in the green for Sembcorp Ind again. Shorted not really at the best price but still, the stock collapsed and allows him to be in the profits. Well this student join me not long ago and haven't come for the course yet but to see him come for my private sessions and LIVE trading and started to see progression is something that made my day.

The trades he took maybe small but it's all about confidence and execution and getting it right. After CNY, I will be holding more powerful and private sessions to help fellow traders and stock trading enthusiasts to reap more $$ from the market. If you are interested to be part of my inner circle, I will need to do some stringent selection. I had already some powerful clients whom I really see success is just ahead and waiting for them and of course I will do my best to assist them. Will update more of our stories here. Keep watching my blog space.

Ronald K - A Game Changer