Thursday, 18 February 2016

Terratech - A Wrong Call

Made a wrong call on Terratech today and I felt bad. Before the stock sold down in the later part of the afternoon, it went into trading halt first which was something no one can foresee. This morning was a good day while the overall market once again turning bullish and that's where I saw Terratech's bullish chart with a nice setup and I decided to give a call to all my students. With a strong bullish setup, I thought the stock was about to run a little before meeting with sellers. Suddenly out of nowhere, a halt appeared which totally caught me by surprise.

Studying the buy/sell activity and of course relating back to the chart, the stock should be up but then things sometimes can turn sour. After a few hours of waiting, the stock lifted the halt and started to gap down which caused a panic and exodus of most traders. Unfortunately, we have to cut loss and move on. I am so unlucky today with most of the stocks ran but I picked the wrong counter. I do believe luck plays a small factor but well, sometimes things do happen unexpectedly.

Ronald K - A Game Changer