Thursday, 31 March 2016

A Day in URA and Bukit Chandu - Making $$ While Touring

It was a busy busy day for me to understand the heritage and history for Singapore. Went on a tour @ URA and Bukit Chandu and had a better understanding on Singapore Land Area, the developments, the properties we build and many other projects. It was really a hectic, hot sunny day that made me felt very tired and I have no computer access to see any charts or stocks. I can only rely on my mobile to check for prices and occasionally see some messages. My messages were consistently ringing and I don't even have the focus to listen to the guide on what he was trying to explain. Well, nevertheless, still we made $$ as a group and everyone is happy with their profits in Tat Hong. That's all in matters and don't miss my talk tomorrow if you want to join my team and make $ with me!

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