Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Night with The New Ferrari 488 - An Turbo Charged Ride

It was a night of unforgettable experience with the new Ferrari 488. The twin turbo charge engine showed some prowess and a powerful torque force which was something the previous predecessor 458 can't match. I owned 2 Ferraris in my life before and I will tell you this, the car is really out of the world and it's something that one can only dream about and looking forward to own one. I worked very hard in my business and trading to be able to own 2 was something that I was proud of. But well, because I have a bigger dream and some bigger operation, I decided to sell both cars first and wait the timing is right again, I will come back for it again. I made a $150K loss on the car due to depreciation but I made it back in the stock market to account neutralize the loss.

Ronald K - A Game Changer