Saturday, 5 March 2016

An Amazing Evening - Stocks and Property Private Sharing

First off, I want to thank all for being an amazing audience last evening. When I see you guys struggling hard to make $$, it made me want to share more and help you all to achieve even more in your financial
goals. I may not know what are your goals, but I believe what I shared last night, the secrets that I leaked out is able to assist you to achieve what you are looking for.

When I first started, I don't know what I am doing too but I only have one definite goal and that's to break the code and look for the Holy Grail in the Singapore Stock Market. After many years of doing the wrong thing in the stock market and after many anguish pains and suffering, I finally discovered that Contra trading, searching for the Big Boys hidden buying and buying before them was all possible. I remembered last year I was featured on Sunday Times because I made $100,000 in NOL in just 5 Contra Days. If I remembered clearly, I spotted some serious hidden buying before the stock actually moved in the next 2 days. For those who did not have a chance to read my article, please kindly click the link below and read.

After so many years of trading and experiencing countless market rises/downfalls, with a vast and rich experience of the Singapore Stock Market, I am proud to say that I have attained another level of achievement when in comes to searching for the powerful growth stock. I never believed in buy and hold but unfortunately, I have to start believing that that's the way to be a multi millionaire. However everybody got to start somewhere first like short term trading, make some good amount of $$ and then move on to buy and hold growth counters for long term investments.

In my early days, I started with only $5000 and I came from nothing with no help or assistance from anyone. My family is poor and have connections to anybody. My secret to success is to do my own thing and mind my own business. I don't bother what others do nor I care about what's happening in the world. I was just passionate to get the job done and find the holy grail. I came from a long way and never gave up when I met some tough roadblocks. Yes today I made a lot of $$ but I also lost and sacrificed many things which I have some regrets. The road to success is never easy but I can only thank god and help more people who believed in me to achieve the financial success. Read more of my story here:

I hope the slides I showed all of you last evening was impressive and powerful enough to let you understand how to make your first pot of gold. It's important to acquire the right financial knowledge be it property or stocks and do not listen to traditional old adage. Like what Mark Zuckerberg quoted:"The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."

Ronald K - A Game Changer