Thursday, 24 March 2016

Price To Pay To Be Famous - Selectism

It was a good turnout yesterday. To see people opening account, being happy with my personal assistant services was just very pleasing and pleasant. It was a great talk by Roy and Kelwin yesterday even though one of them was sick and still come to deliver the speech they promised was just top notch attitude and service. Here, I would like to thank all who came yesterday for their talk, opened an account with them and signed up for their service.

As this week concluded because tomorrow is a public holiday, I am happy to see many winning trades in many different stocks like OKH, M1, Noble, HSI warrant, IEV, Yuuzoo and the list just goes on. To see messages of students making $$ before coming for the course was a promise I gave my word and it was delivered to them this week. The smiling faces and the winning trades just add on to my confidence of selecting and rotating of stocks for next week. To finally see students say my method works just put me on the map of another world. I will continue to push the envelop to reach further heights as I want more people to experience the power of winning $.

As I get more famous and attention with so many scrutinized eyes watching me, with every move I made being gossip and watched by top guns, I have to pay for the price of being famous. Being famous is not a good thing and I rather be a normal man on the street and live a normal live. Well, my blog has been almost 6 years and caught the attention of many traders, investors, punters and media which was something I never thought would happen. As for now, I am selective of the people who can join me. I am not so much into $$ but more into gratification and satisfaction of the people who join me. Many ask me for free tips and stocks etc, but I am sorry to say it won't happen. If you want free, search for others, don't look for me, I will post free on my instagram when I am in the mood. My time is $$ and I have many things on my plate at the moment.

I am moving to a new height next week with more participants and more attendees for my workshop. The road to wealth and famous may offend many people, along the way, there maybe many pests and unwanted guests, the only way is to continue moving forward because I can't be bothered by small little things anymore. I am here to make my biggest trade of my life soon. Watch this blog space.

Ronald K - A Game Changer