Saturday, 19 March 2016

Stock Operation Course - Day 1 Recap

It was a good turn out today as I conducted the Stock Operation Course today. In today's course, I shared many never heard before stories and new insights on new methods discovered over the past 1 year trading the market LIVE with my clients and students. As usual, there was a Q but this time round it was not for registration to be in the most powerful team but rather for food. I have many questions on how to join my most powerful team but my answer is you have missed the golden timing and I might do it again next time after I finished with my Team B and Team C trading.

Watch my blog next week because it's going to be an all new exciting week and I can't wait to make $$ next week for those who registered. If you are interested to acquire a knowledge on how to spot before breakouts/breakdowns or how to use the perfect timing to buy a stock, just drop me an email. I will reply to you soon.

Ronald K - A Game Changer