Saturday, 30 April 2016

A Meaningful Visit to Lee Ah Moi - My Giveback to Old Folks

It was sometime back since my last visit to Lee Ah Moi old folks home. The last time was in 2014. However from then till now, I still do other charitable work, just that I missed out Lee Ah Moi.

Today is a meaningful day for me because not only it's a revisit back to the old folks but I decided that my goal is on donating more consistently to the old people so as to reduce their suffering. I am not god and I probably can't help them much in terms of their emotional but if I can do something to alleviate their sufferings, why not? These old folks are not looking for $$, but rather someone to talk to and take care of their daily needs. I visited their kitchen, there was abundance of food and hence after consulting to Lee Ah Moi's son, he suggested diapers because these old folks use up about 5-6 diapers per day and it's taking a toll on their current stocks available.

I am posting not to show off that I do charity because everyone can do it. I post because I care and I do it with a heart so that for those who are interested to join me, you can also do a part in giving back to the society. I had made good $$ over the years but there was not much happiness in it. However somehow, by giving back and helping others, the happiness is much more meaningful it brought me to a whole new level. It's not how much you give. It's the effort, heart and the consistent caring and wanting to help them that matters. I will do my best and make it a point to help on a monthly basis. My next target is the children orphanage.

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