Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A Spiritual Walk - Absorbing and Yang Energy

It was one of the best walk I ever had. Instead of visiting commercialized shopping centers, in fact, I prefer the nature wonder because of the spiritual energy I absorb over the course of searching for the best spiritual location. Absorbing the Yang Energy and feeling the flow of unlimited positive earthy woody scent was just what I was looking for during this May break that I am pampering myself. I am not intending to do a lot but giving back instead.

It's only May and my August course is almost sold out now and I know it's time to let the market take a breather before moving forward with a renewed energy. When I come back in one, I am confident I will make another killing in the stock market not by myself but with the people who are added in my private forum. For now, as I posted in my private forum last week on some bearish counters, we are shorting some counters and swinging the trade. I will see you all soon when I conduct my sessions again. :)

Ronald K - A Game Changer