Saturday, 7 May 2016

MBS Casino - A Bet with High Probability

Another day in the Casino today. My students asked me last evening if I am addicted to gambling? My answer is no because I know in the Casino I am just making small peanuts as my risk appetite is low while in the stock market, my risk appetite is high because I am a connoisseur in the stock market as there are charts to aid my reading of the Big Boys movement.

Today was a strange day because the moment I went in and bet, I lost almost everything. At first it seemed as though everything I touched was a losing bet and suddenly I cooled down and thought of the losing process and why. I regained my form and decided to switch to another game instead of playing the same game. Surprising, I met a very old friend of mine and that's where we bet and gamble together and I made a staged come back. From $500 to my last $100 and then making about $3100 is enough for me. My capital layout is only $500 and I have to pay for levy fee too. I am not greedy in the Casino because I know when and how to stop.

Overall, once again, I managed to profit $ out from the house and spent my Saturday with a good feeling. I wish I can go to the Casino everyday but unfortunately I will be very busy with many events in the coming week. I see all of you soon. Thanks!

Ronald K - A Game Changer