Saturday, 28 May 2016

MBS Casino - Losing Mind, A Staged Comeback


I was in the Casino again today and it wasn't an easy win tonight. Last night before I went to bed, I was practicing some probability skills and I thought I was all ready to win it today but never in my wildest dream that I thought I almost lost everything what I won yesterday before making a staged come back and won double. No matter how much I practiced, still at the moment if the losing streak persisted, as a normal human, she would lose her mind and forget everything she practiced the night before and that's what happened to me. At the point of a losing streak, the only that matters was to find my winning edge again and anything that can let me win, I am willing to gamble it. Actually, that was a wrong thing to do because it wasn't too much skills involved but just merely based on luck and follow someone Else's flow.

At certain point, I went almost 8 tables and all tables I lost and I decided that I had to stop and stay focused on my mission. After several minutes and observation on one particular table, I decided to try my luck and refocused on my skill again to win it. True enough, in just 1.5 hours, I not only managed to make a staged come back but more convincingly, won back double. I am happy of course but I know I did a wrong thing earlier which was losing my mind and anyhow gamble.

After back and forth many rounds and won some $$, I decided to have my light dinner first before continuing my final round for the night. At my final round, I went small and yes I don't bet every game but rather carefully based on probability so as not to lose back what I won. I won my last $150 at my last round and decided to call it off a night. I will never forget this experience and I am proud to say so far since the day I blogged on my Casino trip to today, I had one lost 1 round which cost me about $500 bucks. All other bets were winnings. I am glad I found a formula and strategy which gives me a higher probability of winning.

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