Thursday, 19 May 2016

MBS Casino - My Turn Around, I am Exhausted

Today I decided to try my luck in the Casino again because I had been practicing on some systems that kept me thinking of winning. So after my last betting on Monday till the wee hours, I went to the Casino earlier today and just got back after winning some $$. It was exhilarating today as the excitement was really power to the max. Lost about $3500 and recovered back everything with a win. When one lose, he lost his character and his soul and it was the same for me today. It was so hard to cool down and take a break. In fact, the right thing to do was to stay calm, have a drink and slowly make a comeback.

So after 1hour of losing $$, I decided that I have to make a stage come back but the question is with my limited $$, how am I going to do so. So it wasn't very pleasing to bet upstairs and hence I went to search for another table for a better luck. Sat on a table and slowly started to have some winning streak. I knew I have to stay on that table and hence slowly and confidently, I made a superb come back twice and I knew it was time to leave the Casino. From $100 -> $1000 wins, the next bet, I made it very small like $25 bucks only and subsequently when the streak was there, I increased heavily and I believe luck was on my side that I won. Have a quick dinner and then bet for a few more rounds with small $$ and decided to go home. I am satisfied today not because I made $ but more importantly, I learnt a valuable lesson on myself and my emotion. To win $, you need to calm down, be patient and preserve some character.

Ronald K - A Game Changer