Friday, 27 May 2016

MBS Casino - A Painful Win

There is nothing to shout about with a win of $2300. It was a hot afternoon and I decided to hit the Casino again since I am done with my trades in the market. This time round, I travelled to the Casino by sea and it's was all sea breeze and I still have some time left form my levy.

This $2300 can be considered as one of the more painful win. Back and forth non stop that almost win and then lost back again. It took me literally hours to slowly test, read the probability and then with more guts to make a stage come back. I told myself to stop betting once I hit my target and yes, I left the Casino as a happy man. Sometimes, just when I thought everything was smooth, it turned haywire. It's during this turmoil and mental anguish that one has to overcome in order to make a come back. Thank god!

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Ronald K - A Game Changer