Monday, 30 May 2016

MBS Casino - Refining Skills

It was a beautiful Sunday yesterday and after my exercise regime, I decided to hit the Casino again to beat the game. Well, it's not so simple and rosy as it seemed but it's also not difficult to win it. As I gambled quit frequently in the Casino, the more I practiced myself in making prediction, the better it gets and in the process of learning, I made some hefty mistakes and of course lost $$. However ultimately when I decided to call it a day and walked out of the Casino, I will always emerge as a winner.

Yesterday was no different, kept my focused and sharpening my skills on the game of probability. The casino is not like the stock market where there are charts to aid you but there are some other areas to improve and practice on like making prediction on cards and learning how to do proper money management like when to bet big, when to stop and know when to go small. These are all intangible money management skills which are very difficult to control and learn. It's only constant playing that you will discover yourself which is what I am doing and learning now. I will be back again soon. I think I am almost there but not quite there yet. Let's see the next round.

Ronald K - A Game Changer