Wednesday, 11 May 2016

MBS Casino - Round 1

I am once again at the Casino. I am determined and aiming at winning from the house. The stock market went so boring with so many traders punting the warrants instead and leaving the stocks on the shelves. It seemed as though the trading interests was slowly depleting from the stock market because the volume everyday became thinner and pathetic.

It's during this time that I found a second home at the Casino. Please do not follow me to the Casino because I don't know anyone of you. I only go with people whom I know and have not much of an emotion problem. If you cannot afford to lose or if you are pressured to win, I am not interested to go leisure with you. How I win in the casino is the same principles I used in trading, control emotion, temptation and formulating a winning strategy. There is definitely some games that I will need to lose, but it's how to cut that small loss and move forward again. So if you are interested to know, let me know.

Today is a little different. Went in for a while, played for a few rounds and went back. Made about $200 only and decided to call it a day. Not really into the gambling mode maybe because I was a little tired and there were many distractions, I don't know. I maybe going in later in the evening and be more focused for some serious rounds of gambling. I shall take a break small rest now first.

Ronald K - A Game Changer