Friday, 13 May 2016

MBS Casino - Round 2, Another Day, Another Win

Another day in the Casino today after my private sharing session in the afternoon. Today I came to the casino with a higher mission and that is to win an extra $1000 and yes I did it. As usual, my levy fee is $200 and my capital is also $200. Made $4250 for within 2 hours and am very happy with my strategy, formula and results. The same principles in trading applies to the Casino. Emotion, losses, streaks, wins, temptation are all important in today's win.

Today afternoon, I also shared with a pool of people on my Casino strategy and I decided that I want to share to more people soon, so if you are interested, keep watching out my blog space and I will do a selection process to allow people to come with me and see for yourself. Tomorrow is a big day for me and I have to get up really early. Will be speaking to a crowd of 150-200 people, I am going to get an early rest for now. I will be back to the Casino again. Watch this hot streak of mine!

Ronald K - A Game Changer