Sunday, 15 May 2016

MBS Casino - Round 3, Betting Game Plan Next Week

It was a huge crowd yesterday for the Investing 101 event. I was giving a speech to share my ideas and trades that I have done over the years. The whole event was the first half of the morning and after that I went to office to do some signing work for my students. It was there that I thought that after almost a full day of work, I want to go for relaxation and leisure and hence I walked my way from raffles place to MBS. It was a well deserved walk and I thought through some process that I will be executing on the casino.

When it comes to gambling and the Casino.I am usually not a greedy person and I am easily satisfied with a win. Well, the probability of winning is only 50% and so far, I am proud to say that since the day I started my bet in the Casino to yesterday when I walked out, I am 100% in the wins. Not a very superfluous big win but it's good enough for me to make a few thousand over the past 2 weeks. I am contended and very satisfied.

Coming into next week, I am quite busy with my trading and my business as there are some on going work that needs to be reworked and dealt with. The market has also entered a boring phase that I have never seen before when there was only one stock that sky rock +156% and that was ISR Capital, while the others were all warrants and lagging counters. During this transition phase in the market, one has to be very cautious about trading the right counters and I have to watch for signs and signals to trade carefully with cautious. On the Casino side, my game plan next week is to continue to play what I play best and only bet on the game that always made me the $$. The most important advise I can give to my readers is to tame your emotions and know when to stop. I wasn't on a roll yesterday but still I managed to make about $2500 with a small capital of $200. I am easily contended and hence I decided that if my luck and smoothness of the bet is not there, a small winning is good enough for me.

Ronald K - A Game Changer