Tuesday, 17 May 2016

MBS Casino - Round 5, The Wee Hours

I just got home from the Casino. Today was just a crazy day betting. I won almost close to another $1000 in the evening when a participant from the table wipe out my winnings, which in the end I made a loss of $500. It took me so long to slowly recover and double up and more importantly won in a streak so that I was able ask myself to leave the building.

However it took longer than ever. Just when I thought I was going to win, I lost and had to restart all over again. I stopped for a moment and patiently took my turn again, still I wasn't able to make a come back. Finally it was almost 2am in the wee hours where I made a killing and made a superb comeback. I wasn't greedy, as I just want to make back my small capital but still in the end, after making a come back, I was still net loss $500. I had to stop and go home. Overall from morning till now, I can say I almost broke even. It was a long day and a tiring one. I am not sure when is my next trip but I will do my best to make back my small loss.

Ronald K - A Game Changer