Tuesday, 31 May 2016

MBS Casino - Upgrading my Skills

Another night in the Casino. Not supposed to go there today but well, I am there to honed and practice my probability skills and hence spent another $100 bucks on levy. To consistently win, I think the hours and effort I put in on a per week basis far exceeds the amount I pay for the hours on the levy fee. Got caught in the camera in the evening and decided to bet slowly today. Again, it wasn't a good day as it seemed as I lost almost all my capital before I slowly and patiently made a staged comeback with a small win.

My luck is not so good recently and hence it's signalling a time to stop my bet in the casino and increase my stake in the stock market. Most of the stocks I gave ran recently like CityNeon and GLP and although the upside wasn't that much for GLP, but still it's better than not making $$. I will post more on my Casino trip in my new private forum so if you are interested to know and learn more, do request to register. My admin is handling the approving process and hence not all may be added. Click and request below. I am confident we in the forum can make $ as a group.


Ronald K - A Game Changer