Tuesday, 3 May 2016

MBS Casino Winnings - All to Charity

It's been a relaxing yet stressful weekend for me at the casino over this long weekend. Relaxing because I had been working, trading and locking in projects for myself over the past four months and I haven't been able to find time to relax myself. Stressful because when one involves gamble, it's always a 50% chance of winning only, not like the stock market that there is chart to aid you in reading the Big Boys movements. I went to the casino for consecutive 2 days and in the end, I must admit that it was really tough to beat the casino. The feeling of low to high and high to low again was very sulky and it's not something very sustainable.

During my gamble, I learnt and experienced many things which I cannot teach but can only share to people who wants to hear from me. I also observe people on how wins and losses can affect their emotion and their game plan. Actually, my capital when I go to the casino is only $500 bucks just to leisurely play, gain some thrill and kill time and I don't expect to win a lot of $$ because the chance is low. All my winnings from the past 2 days will go to charity and donation. I don't want any $$ from the casino as there are more less fortunate people who need it, I will give them all.

Ronald K - A Game Changer