Monday, 9 May 2016

MBS Casino Winnings - Donating To Children Orphanage

You may not believe it but yes, it's another day of killing in the stock market. This time round, I only used a capital of $200 to win $3500 in an hour. If the streak continues like this, I will be treating gambling as a second source of business and as a leisure to make some good $$. I decided that the $$ I won, I will donate to the children orphanage in my next visit as a token to help the less fortunate children.

In the Casino, the most important thing is patience and coolness and not do irrational things to spoil any winning streak. When you win a number of times, it's time to reduce your stake or actually it's time that you can leave the house. Today was exceptional, I was in a streak and won a number of times when I decided that I had enough and left. Could have won more but I was not greedy because gambling is just 50-50 chance. The most important thing is know how to stop and leave. Another gambler beside me was even more powerful, used $1000 and won $6000. His guts was definitely more admirable than mine.

I think I found a simple strategy to win 60% of the time. Am I addicted to the Casino since I keep wining? I don't think so as I am not a compulsive gambler. I believe I can beat the stock market anytime and make more $$ there instead. I may visit the Casino this coming Saturday. Anyone want to join me?

Ronald K - A Game Changer