Sunday, 22 May 2016

MBS Casino - With A Good Friend

I should have stop betting and be happy about my winnings last week. However my friend flew down from overseas to meet up with me and wanted to experience the Casino ambience here in Singapore.

I shared with him that I won quite some good $$ recently and he wanted to see what skills and knowledge I possessed and hence here I am again at the Casino. Today was another day of heart attack. My capital is $300 and I won about $2200 thereabouts. During the process of winning was just not fun. There are streaks of wins and there are times when I lost big. Overall, I cool down and be patient and let the game come to me instead of forcing for wins. Ultimately, after 2 hours, I emerged as a winner and decided to call it a quit. Both of us won and had a good meal after that and I hope he learnt a skill or two from me today where he can do it himself when I am not around. I am looking forward for the stock market more than the Casino. Let's see.

Ronald K - A Game Changer