Friday, 3 June 2016

MBS Casino - The Game Gets Harder

The one thing about Casino is you cannot stay too long inside or you will lose $$. Yesterday after doing my LIVE video shooting, I decided to go back and change and hit the Casino again. See my Video below:

Again, I am back in red as usual and as for why Red? I had explained it in this Video. Click below video and see.

It was another tough night and there were many twist and turns. Overall, it was still not bad but the game gets tougher because I kept losing focus. I have to personally gamble myself to experience it. Back and forth, it took me about 2hours before I call it a quit. This time round, I broke even only without wins or losses. I decided to leave the house and rest. This experience taught me one thing and that is when the streak and favor is at your side, increase your bet and expose yourself more, at least just if another bad streak comes, I am already a winner. Another valuable experience.

Ronald K - A Game Changer