Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My Personal Investment - Up $43,000 in Profits

It was an eventful evening with everybody who came for my talk yesterday. Because my Whatsapp is powerful with precision timing, hence, I can only give it to the people who are serious and hungry to make $$. I know I am hungry or I won't be eating so much pizza last night, LOL! Here, I want to thank all who signed up for my Whatsapp and as I continue to scan the market for good stocks, you guys just make sure your phone is not set to silent mode and see what the Whatsapp can do for you. :)

So after the talk last evening, me and my team went for a good pizza feast. It was a nice location, nice ambiance with good music and wine. We discussed many things and one of the topic was the investment of growth stocks which I am already up by $43,000 of profits today, since holding it the day I went long at 25/5/2016 in just a mere 3 weeks. Like I said, many know me as a fast big trader, but I will tell you, yes I agree I am fast and I trade big, but to make the big $$, I need to do swing trade and investments, which I am practicing and working on it right now. I don't talk, I walk the talk. Click the below link to see the video I did yesterday and what I shared that was so valuable!

To be great, you will have to learn from the great ones who have done and succeeded which is what I am currently practicing right now. It's not easy but it's neither difficult. It's all patience and let the trade come to you. Due to the exceptionally high demand, for those who contacted me, looking for my Whatsapp service and wants to come listen and see how I did it, you can do so by clicking and registering below. Be serious about making $ and I will guide you.

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