Saturday, 18 June 2016

My Portfolio Investment - One Stock, Up $105,000 in Profits

It was a pretty hectic day for me yesterday with not only watching the market for big movements, but also I was sharing my investment strategies to a group of passionate investors. While watching the market, I took a quick look at my current portfolio and my investment is already up $105,000 in just a mere 3 weeks. Many wanted to know which stock I bought, but I prefer to keep low profile until the trade is over. Over the years, I have heard too many stories about investors diversifying into many stocks and some stocks performed while others were in unrealized losses. It was upon hearing these stories and hearsay beliefs of what others do, I decided that I prefer to keep my focus and concentration into just 1 stock. Why? Because if that stock is going to run and I had done my homework since months back, then when the moment presents, I should be whacking it big instead of playing other counters. That's my secret to success, get ready, don't tense and let the game come to you.

While buying lunch for my team, we were discussing on the next hot stock for next week. I believe we found one but as usual, timing is very crucial and hence we are in watching mode for that right moment to come. I did a LIVE video yesterday sharing a stock and why is the stock not bad. Click and watch my video above. Coming next week, I will be doing a LIVE trading too, so for those who already registered, this is your chance to see how I pick stocks and go for the kill, don't miss it. For those who not yet registered, kindly click and register below.

Ronald K - A Game Changer