Thursday, 22 September 2016

MBS Suite - A Short Staycation

It was a short stay cation at the MBS Suite this week. After a long period of continuous working and conducting private sessions, I decided that it's time to take a break and it's time for my holiday to start. I am taking my business at a slower pace and focus more on stocks trading because the market is in a super exciting phase where $ can be made in contra. ISR Capital, AsiaMedic, Kris Energy all had superb breakouts in one day where those stocks gain almost 10%-50% in one day which I have to capitalized on it.

It should be a well rested vacation but my mind cannot rest because stocks are really moving fast and time wait for no man. While resting and relaxing, I still think about the market and along the way, I sneaked my way out and conducted more private and personal touches sessions with all my students so that they all can make $. This short stay cation is a happy but not so relaxing one but I believe I have to put work aside soon as I am flying off away from Singapore. The problem with me is I am constantly thinking of helping students and not taking breaks myself. I enjoyed my work and I enjoyed helping others to succeed. Very soon, I will create my next 5 digit student. Stay tune.

Ronald K - A Game Changer