Monday, 12 September 2016

Savour - MBS Padang

It was a lovely evening as I spent my day at the MBS padang savoring some of the western food being sold there. The food was not bad but the price was pricey considering the small portions of servings they offer. Well, it's more like "come sample my food for a fixed price" kinda event and the music was too loud to my liking. There were a lot of people and the crowd was mostly younger generations where they were more adventurous, wanting to try new things.

I looked at the MBS building and saw the Casino which reminded me of those days where I frequent the Casino and gamble. I don't know why, maybe it's my age or lost of interest that I don't gamble anymore. I prefer to pursue my interest in other aspects and working on my crafts. Whatever it is, it's a long night where I also saw many people catching Pokemons all over the place. Maybe it's a long weekend and a public holiday, but I am more geared towards waiting for the market to open tomorrow.

Ronald K - A Game Changer