Monday, 24 October 2016

Year End Window Dressing - Don't Miss The Next Run

The year is coming to an end and very soon, it will be Nov then Dec. I am proud to say that at least for this whole year, my time was not wasted as I was busy teaching and trading. The hot penny season 2 weeks ago was just simply hot and I did not waste any opportunities but made some good trades out of it. The only downside was I went on vacation on the wrong timing and hence did not whack big on those stocks. But well, nevertheless, I still got the job done and made $ out of it. Trading and teaching is so much more fun and interactive with my beloved students when we watch the market and study the Top Volume carefully collectively as a team.

Just last week, I conducted a LIVE Trading session and those who came at least I am proud to say they took back something on my observation skills if not some technical skills like scripts collection. The coming months I will be mostly in holiday mode and may not conduct so much LIVE Trading but well, if I can find time, I will definitely do my best to host one. The penny season has tampered off a little and opportunities were reduced but I am confident that there will be a second leg run soon and that's where I want to capitalize and maximize my winnings during the bull run. I don't know when but am watching for the turning point closely. During this period of time, I am also shopping for clothes for my next event soon. The event is important and hence it's appropriate to dress casually yet look professional. I am not your usual suit and tie person and may not be the best dressed but as long as I feel comfortable and can pull it off, that's all it matters.

To all my followers and students, thank you all for supporting me all these while and don't miss the next run in the penny stocks because after this last run, you will have to wait for a long long time before the next season is here. Opportunities don't usually knock the door twice and please capitalized on it.

Ronald K - A Game Changer