Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Jumbo - Big Hands Clapped

Christmas has passed and most of us are now into the new year mood where some might feel lazy while others might take a break for holiday. However, I am as laser focused as ever and I am not so into taking breaks because of a vibrant market and opportunities is not easy to come by. So this morning I posted a bullish alert on Jumbo LIVE on this very blog at 9:02am. At the time I posted the big hands have not entered the market yet. Click and see my earlier post at 9:02am which is simple yet accurate.

As the trading hours passed, Jumbo experienced high volume snatch up of shares as circled in the 5 minute chart as attached above. The stock was under serious buying and it recorded a almost 3.5% gain today. The accumulation in the 5 minute chart combined with the buyers supporting the stock in the daily chart just put my observation skills into another level. With the stock near the high, still buyers were relentlessly snapping up whatever that is available. Towards closing, it reached a high of 0.66 before it closed 0.655. The breakout is real today but will it continue tomorrow? Made some small $$ but it's enough for an intraday profit. If you are interested in receiving real time alerts, do register for my short term trading event next Thursday. Add me as a friend in Facebook if you want to follow me.

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