Saturday, 17 December 2016

Vintage Rolex - Better Than Your Gold, Stocks, Properties

They say behind every success men, there is a woman behind supporting, this adage holds true. But behind every success business men, there usually hold a watch be it a Rolex, Patek or any other brands. Most men loves watches because it's something is alluring yet sexy and that is no difference to me. I had been buying watches some years back and the most regret thing was I sold at a loss before knowing that the prices sky rocketed in the last 2 years. Regretted but pleased to buy a learning experienced. It's like trading in stocks, without losing $$, there is no way to improve your learning knowledge.

Since then, I had been scouting for some sought after pieces that is liquid and highly recognizable. It doesn't usually have to be the rarest of all, but as long as the condition is superb and the watch holds some important value, I will buy it. After 2-3 years of reading the Paul Newman Daytona, it appeals to me that, that's the watch I am going to invest in with the right serial number, provenance, conditions, dials etc, just because prices have really ran crazy over the past few years and will only do so in the next decade. The 6263, 6264, 6265, 6241 and 6239 all holds a certain value that only increases with time. Buying the right watch is so much profitable than buying gold and properties. For the right watch, the value is always rising on a per year basis and never drop at all while gold, stocks and properties still fluctuate depending on the market conditions.

Since then I had been examining, studying and seeing LIVE pieces of Daytona and had set my eyes on 3 important ones that I believe the value will soar. I am determined to get it and hence waiting for chance to fly and meet the owner. Besides the Daytona, there is also the submariners, explorers and the GMTs and if buy the right piece, the value can only increase. I am only into Rolex as it took me many years to understand the importance of Vintage Rolex and the subtle difference that could fetch a handsome sum of $. It may look very similar in appearance, but it's the history, year of productions, the subtle tweaks that determines the sky high prices. I have attached the pictures for your reference and if you can spot those difference, it means you know how to select amazing pieces to keep. I won't go in depth on what to look out for blah, blah, blah because it can take hours and hours to just explain but investing in Vintage Rolex is an art which requires immense knowledge and experience. Why? Because there is a lot of fakes and different variations out there. Be careful when searching for the right valuable piece.

Ronald K - A Game Changer