Thursday, 13 April 2017

Advantages of Short Term Trading - Flow with Syndicates Movements

I definitely enjoyed sharing my views, experience and knowledge last Saturday to a wonderful audience who came for my talk hosted by Shareinvestor. The syndicate movements in any stocks is the key towards success in short term trading. Well, it also applies to mid term and long term trading where if without any buyers (syndicates), the stock price would not be moving no matter how fundamentally sound a company is.

There are certain traits in their movements where they normal love to do flushes, collections, 1 lot marking, rollover, profit taking, distribution and wash sales. If one knows how to spot and see these fine turning points, he/she would be able to catch the big move before it really happens and that's what I had been practicing and teaching in my courses for many years. Long term investment is great because one can unlock your wealth to greater heights but for me personally, I still trust that without buyers/sellers, there wouldn't be any price movements. Syndicates are the root of price movements and we must be able to understand the mechanism and dynamics of how they operate the market.

I am planning for my next talk where I will be sharing more syndicates movements, they way to play up a stock up/down, the protocol they use to communicate the market and the techniques they use to move prices. I have one talk next Tuesday, so for those who are interested to learn about their techniques, you can register below.

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