Thursday, 18 May 2017

Jumbo - Crabbing with Profits

Jumbo recovered a bit today from a scary throw down the past few days. Indeed, my observations was right. First there was sellers, followed by more sellers and then it stalled there and buyers came in to support it.

I wanted to post the turn in Jumbo on this blog, but then market is so exciting, totally forgotten about it. Maybe the next one, just like Moya Asia, I will post it here.

Jumbo then ran towards the last minute with 800+ lots committed. The buyers rampant up the price and some of my traders locked in profits while others are riding this trade. So happy that they made $$. Timing is really important to but the right counter. Could have bought yesterday but this morning when the Dow slammed down -372 points, it would have scared the hell out of me. I prefer to buy when I know that STI was going to rebound from the gap down this morning as posted in my private forum at 8:42am in the morning.

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