Monday, 1 May 2017

List of Potential Stocks - Short Term Contra Trading

Below are my current list of stocks for short term Contra trading. In short term trading, it pays to be careful and vigilant and hence below are my reasoning before entering a trade. I will never jump to buy if the BBs are not touching it. If you want to make $$ in short term Contra trading, you have to study the BBs movements before it actually happens. Click the link below and see my contra trades for Contel Corp back in 2013 where I traded for 1 month about 20 times in/out and acheived a 100% hit rate with no loss.

Many said it's impossible but I made it possible because if you can predict and know how and when to enter/exit, everything is possible.

ISDN - Strong concentrated amount of buyers, will look for a turning point to hop in.

AEM - Looks like collections on going. Need to watch carefully for a turning point in case of an unexpected flush that might happen.

Innotek - The traders who traded this counter are slow and steady. Watching for more active flow of traders.

GSS - Something is brewing. Need to see if there are 1 lot marking before deciding my course of action. If it's to sell down, cannot short because there is no scripts. Only available for longing.

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