Sunday, 21 May 2017

MBS Casino - A Relax Evening

After all the trading this past week, I decided to revisit the Casino again @ MBS last evening. Haven't been there for some time due to trading, meetings, business, etc..but it's a good feeling to let it all out at the table. I only focused on playing one game which is the blackjack, so if next time you see me there, you can come say hi. At first I lost almost everything and left with my last 10% chips, then I cooled down and slowly remembered the things I learnt during my last visit in the Casino and subsequently started to win back everything with levy charges and surplus. I was only there to relax, not to win big $, so I am contended with the $ I won. Enjoyed the restaurant food there and left in like 45 minutes. It's back to trading again tomorrow, looking forward.

Ronald K - A Game Changer