Sunday, 11 June 2017

MBS Casino - Kings Pair

Went to the Casino again on last evening alone. I finished my home work for the stocks selection for Monday and hence decided to go win some pocket $ in the casino. Played a few tables and decided to stick to one last table before I call it a quit and go home. I usually play blackjack and make sizeable bets so as not to play too many rounds and waste time there. The longer you stay in the casino, the tendency for you to lost $$ increased and I just want to be patient, cool and finish one good bet.

In my final game, I placed $100 on a pair and $1000 for player to win. I was really stunned as I got a Kings pair and made 11 times the $$ back and also beat the banker where his cards went busted. That round alone, I made $2100 which to me is good enough to call it a day. I was lucky and didn't spend much time. The whole betting was only about 30-45 minutes before I left the building. I am satisfied with small wins especially when it comes to gambling. :)

Ronald K - A Game Changer